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About Us
The Beehive Gem Club was organized in April 1970 as a part of the Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies.  In the mid-'70s the name was changed to Beehive Rock & Gem Club to better reflect the diverse interests of the members.  Around the same time the membership voted to change over to the Rocky Mountain Federation  of Mineralogical Societies.  This was so members who belonged to both Beehive Rock & Gem  and Golden Spike Gem & Minerals  (Northwest Federation) could place competitive display cases in rock shows of either federation.

The founders wanted to have a club that was basically oriented around taking field trips.  Social activities center around the monthly meetings, gathering rocks together and fireside visiting in the evening on the trips.  The January Winter Party, April Birthday Party and Auction bring us together when the weather does not allow for field trips.  The August Potluck Picnic gives us an opportunity to compare notes from summer trips and talk of the fall trips.

More experienced members are always ready to help newer ones learn what to look for and what to do with the materials they find.

Half the fun for us is taking someone new out in the hills and helping them find pretty rocks or what will be pretty when they get them polished up.

The objectives of Beehive Rock and Gem Club is to stimulate interest in the collection of rocks, minerals, gem materials, and legal fossils. To discuss and impart our knowledge of the different phases of collecting, cutting, polishing and displaying them.  Also to organize educational meetings, field trips and similar events while enjoying and protecting our natural resources.

The Beehive Rock and Gem Club subscribes to the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Code of Ethics, and requires all members and guests to comply with that Code.
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Club Officers
Dan Siler
801 737-3013
Vice President
Nancy Anderson
801 425-7470
Dave Offret
801 791-6081
David Law
801 644-4931

Board of Directors
Field Trip Chairman
Ray Law
801 825-5857
Field Trip Coordinator
Roger Bush
801 775-0147
Program Chairman
Ray Rutledge
801 732-8331
Door Prize Chairman
Jim Alexander
801 399-0785
Hospitality Chair
Linda Pilcher
801 392-7620
Membership Chairman
David Law
801 644-4931
Mini-Show Chairman
Alice Crittenden
801 547-7781
Safety Chairman
Dennis Anderson
801 540-1649

Assistant Editor of BUZZER
Dave Harris
801 737-1266
Associate BUZZER Editor
Leora Alexander
801 399-0785
Publicity Specialist
Mark Acker
801 475-4705
Calling Committee
Sherm & Ricky Thompson
435 760-1352
Web Page
Dan Siler
801 737-3013
Editor of Buzzer
Linda Pilcher
801 392-7620