Ray Law
Our Fearless Field Trip Leader
The Club at Nephi
Program Chairman Rocky Ray Rutledge
Joe Kent Field Trip Coordinator
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Henry Mountains
Henry Mountains
Yellow Cat
Yellow Cat
Texas Springs
Boyd Loveless And Our Vice President Steve Smith
Managing Editor of BUZZER Dave Harris
Web Page Editor & President Dan Siler
Scott Edwards @ Grouse Creek
Rodger Bush & Ray Law Past Trip Leaders
Cooling Off @ Baker Hot Springs
Mike Woolsey @ Glass Buttes Oregon
Old Club Picture @ Nephi
Woodward Clan @ Henry Mountains
Albert Creek Wood
Coal Beds Price Utah
Grouse Creek Finds
Quartz Crystals From Grouse Creek
Topaz From Topaz Mountain
Bush/Edwards Trip to Boars Tusk
Part of The Crew @ Grouse Creek
Woodward Camp @ Dog Valley
Jim Alexander Nap Time at Floy Wash
One of our new rockhounds

Our Floy Wash Campfire

Collecting @ Eureka Clay Pit
Silver City Utah
Kay and Blaine @ Yellow Cat
Silver Riddle Mine
Maple Grove Salina Utah
Due to The Gas Prices this is our new form of transportation
Yellow Cat/Cisco Trip
Cisco Trip 4 X 4 Roads
Yellow Cat
Henry Mountains
Devils Playground