Harvest Honey from a Beehive

Relatively every beekeeper anticipates the day when they can receive the benefits of their hive – the nectar! Nearby nectar made by your honey bees is outstanding amongst other parts of beginning a hive. For those beekeepers who have never separated nectar from their hive, the procedure can feel somewhat overpowering. Be that as it may, in the event that you take after the means underneath, you ought to have the capacity to reap no less than a couple of jugs if not two or three gallons of your great nectar in a couple of hours and have nectar to impart to your companions, family, and neighbors!

Keep in mind to leave nectar in the hive for the honey bees. I never expel nectar from the brood chamber; that nectar is just for the honey bees. In the event that you are going into wintertime, your honey bees require nectar to survive. In the event that you are gathering in pre-fall, they ought to have room schedule-wise to recharge their stores.

Suggested Tools for Removing Honey From Your Beehive

Honey bee escape, escape screen, or Bee Quick and smoke cushion

Nectar extractor (You can separate nectar without an extractor, yet it’s significantly more tedious and untidy.)

Hot electric blade (this is additionally not a need, but rather unquestionably worth having in the event that you can.)


Cappings scratcher


Containers and tops

Smoker for expelling the casings from the hive

Suit Up and Use Your Smoker When Removing Frames

Keep in mind to utilize your smoker and wear your honey bee suit amid the way toward expelling nectar outlines, as the honey bees won’t not be excited that you are taking ceaselessly their stores.

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